English Language Services: Translation, Localisation, Copywriting
From Spanish and Portuguese
(both Brazil and Portugal)

Tourism – Marketing – Public Relations - Business – Energy and Environment


Clear, accurate and effective communication is key to your success.
I can help you achieve that in following ways:

  • Translation

    from Spanish or Portuguese into English

  • Localisation

    resonating with the target audience

  • Copywriting and content

    tailored to your needs

  • Proofreading

    checking spelling, grammar and punctuation


I am Kim Edwards-Buarque, a British-born translation and communication professional with over 25 years´ international, hands-on industry experience, within my specialist areas.Fluent in both Spanish and Portuguese, with cultural insight and well developed business knowledge in a range of sectors, I can enhance your company´s communication with accurate, insightful and quality translations that will help improve your international relations with partners, colleagues and clients.

I am driven by a passion for communication and marketing and together with highly developed language skills, I can help you effectively deliver your brand message, product or service to both existing and new customers.


Maintain excellence in quality and service, using inspiration and cultural insight, to add extra value to the client´s communication.


To provide an internationally trusted service, by positively contributing to the success of clients, independent of their location.


To build durable client and partner relationships based on transparency, trust, flexibility and commitment.


Travel, tourism and hospitality

Helping the tourist industry to communicate with employees, trade partners and end customers through campaigns for hotels, transport services, tourist attractions and parks, small business such as excursion providers, restaurants, wellness centres and shops.

Business and corporate communications

Clear, accurate and concise communication; business and employee contracts, service level agreements, company reports, sales presentations, press releases, trade partner newsletters, etc.

Marketing, advertising and PR

Website localisation and content management, social media, online reviews and community management, press releases and customer newsletters, creation and translation of adverts and promotions for publication both online and offline.

Sports, health and wellbeing

Communication for sporting events and competitions, coaching, training and active lifestyle, sportswear and technical products in the training and retail sectors, beauty and wellness products and treatments.

Energy, environment and sustainability

Articles, reports, marketing and communication material in the areas of sustainable development, clean energy, environment and ecology, climate change, meteorology and oceanography.

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