Of all of Lanzarote’s Tourist Centres, the Cactus Garden was the only one I hadn’t visited. One of the reasons I chose to visit at lunchtime was to try one of their recent innovations:  the cactus burger. Why not?

Cesar Manrique had an intriguing way of making the tourist centres almost imperceptible from the outside. Creating harmony with the surrounding environment was his intention, of course, and the Cactus Garden is no different.

This all changes the moment you go through the lava stone gateway. An amphitheatre of vegetation and lava rock meets your eyes, a landscape gardening masterpiece. The Cactus Garden actually received an award from the Benetton Foundation this year.the Carlos Scarpa Prize for Gardens – as it is a ‘model of equilibrium between culture and fertile nature.’

Read the full article on the CACT LAnzarote website.

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